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Our Mission: “Help Canada Become Global Leaders in Web Accessibility For Construction”

Making your business compliant with accessibility standards means sustainability. By bringing your organization into alignment with existing or pending accessibility legislation and also eliminating barriers to widely diverse client base.

Accessibility and Remediation

We utilize AI to simplify PDF document accessibility and offer manual and assistive testing and remediation services.

Compliance Management

We conduct compliance audits, gap assessments and help establish plans, policies and statements.

Audits and Certification

We offer iterative consultative analysis and map our findings in relation to accessibility standards. We employ assistive technology industry best-practices in accessible web design and development.

Accessibility Training

Our accessibility training will ensure your compliance obligations are met and that you understand your clients and their needs better.

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Overall Accessibility Management

Accessibility Partners is the only company with knowledge and expertise in all domains of accessibility in a construction websites, making it one place for obtaining accessibility-related advice and guidance for your employees or clients.

  • Employment Standards

  • Information and Communications Standards

  • Customer Service

  • Built and Environment

  • Transportation

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