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Accessibility audits and certification involve conducting a thorough assessment of your website or web application to determine its compliance with accessibility standards, particularly the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

During an accessibility audit, a team of experts examines various aspects of your website, including its layout, design, navigation, content, and functionality. This enables them to identify any barriers that may hinder users with disabilities from accessing and interacting with the site. The audit typically involves manual inspection as well as the use of automated testing tools.

Based on the findings of the audit, a comprehensive audit report, including corrections, is generated. This report provides a detailed analysis of your website's current accessibility status, highlighting specific issues that need to be addressed. It may include recommendations for design or coding changes, as well as an assessment of the required effort and resources for achieving compliance.

In order to demonstrate compliance with accessibility standards, a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) report can be created. A VPAT report provides detailed information about your digital product's conformance to specific sections of accessibility standards, such as WCAG. It outlines the product features, their level of compliance, and any known accessibility limitations.

To provide further proof of compliance, you can also obtain a certification from recognized accessibility organizations or standards bodies. These certifications validate that your website or application has been thoroughly assessed and meets the specified accessibility standards.

Overall, accessibility audits and certification provide a reliable way to ensure that your website or web application is accessible to individuals with disabilities, offering them equal access to information and services.

VPAT reports are important resources for you to communicate your commitment to accessibility, demonstrate compliance with accessibility standards, and identify areas of improvement in your digital products or websites.

Audit Assessment Reports

The Audit Assessment Reports provided by our company are designed to evaluate the accessibility of websites and digital products. Our team conducts a comprehensive audit using a combination of manual, user, and automated testing methods, all of which follow the WCAG 2.2 guidelines. During the audit process, we thoroughly examine various aspects of your website or product, including its navigation, color contrast, keyboard accessibility, and more. Our goal is to identify any accessibility barriers present and provide you with a detailed understanding of the areas that need improvement Once the audit is complete, we compile an in-depth assessment report that includes a matrix representation of our findings. This matrix categorizes the accessibility issues based on their priority (low, medium, high) and severity (Minor/To consider, Important, Critical). By using this matrix, you can easily comprehend your website or product's overall accessibility status and determine which improvements should be prioritized. Overall, our VPAT reports and Audit Assessment Reports provide a clear assessment of accessibility barriers. This enables you to make informed decisions regarding the necessary improvements to enhance your website or digital product's accessibility, making them inclusive for all users.

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