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We are your trusted allies in creating accessible and user-friendly environments. Let’s build a more inclusive world where technology is barrier-free and accommodates everyone, regardless of their abilities!

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    “Help Canada Become Global Leaders in Accessibility.”

    Making your business compliant with accessibility standards means sustainability. This can be achieved by bringing your organization into alignment with existing or pending accessibility legislation and eliminating barriers to a diverse client base.
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    Accessibility and Remediation

    We utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) to simplify PDF document accessibility. We also offer manual and assistive testing as well as remediation services.

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    Compliance Management

    We conduct compliance audits and gap assessments. In addition, we can help establish plans, policies and statements.

    Audits and Certification

    Audits and Certification

    We offer iterative consultative analysis that map our findings to accessibility standards. We employ assistive technology industry best-practices in accessible web design and development.

    Accessibility Training

    Our accessibility training will ensure your compliance obligations are met and that you understand your clients and their needs more fully.

    For Immediate

    AODA/ACA Compliance Help

    Is your organization being audited? Need help filing your compliance report?
    Overall Accessibility Management

    “Overall Accessibility Management ”

    Accessibility Partners is the proven company with knowledge and expertise in all domains of accessibility, making it one place for obtaining accessibility related advice and guidance for your employees or clients.

    Employment Standards

    Information and Communications Standards

    Customer Service

    Built and Environment


    “Accessibility Partners allowed us to maintain a leadership position in providing our valued clients with fully transparent and consistent communications, within the proper regulatory Accessibility frameworks and conformance standards. They have been responsible for making all public communications fully accessible since 2016.“

    Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario Senior Manager, Strategic Communications Branch

    “Accessibility Partners are our trusted vendor for making internal and public-facing communications fully accessible since 2016.“

    Ontario Ministry of Education Director, Communications Branch

    “Accessibility Partners are our pre-qualified Vendor of Record for accessibility testing and remediation services.”

    Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Production Manager, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

    “The training we received in the last few months was priceless, thank you. You have a true talent for assistive technology.” Data Analysis Coordinator, Department of Social Services “I sincerely thank you for your patience and all your help and guidance during the last few months. The training sessions (not tapes, lol) will definitely be viewed again and be very helpful going forward.”

    The United Counties of Prescott and Russell Administrative Assistant, Department of Social Services

    Our Clients

    We are a pre-qualified Vendor of Record for the following large, public-sector organizations:
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    Funding and Resources for AODA Compliance
    May 15, 2024

    Introduction For many organizations, particularly small businesses and non-profits, the costs associated with becoming compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians…

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